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BL4CKWAT3R Published on 11 Oct, 2016

I've been working on converting BioGun into a Metroidvania since Dec 2019. Check it out on Steam. Wishlist today!

BioGun Arcade IS PC ONLY.


-Added 5+ new songs to the game.

-Added 2 More Arenas to play in.

-Added Extended Level Intro Animation.

-Added Control Breakdown in Menu.


-Added Career Stats to Menu.

-Golden Glob gives 15 globs worth and slightly heals player.

-Higher drop rate for Globs when enemies killed by special.

-Visual FX tweaks.

-MiniBoss (Snatcher) Added.

-MiniBoss (Rodder) Sprite.

-Bio-Store/purchasable items during intermission waves.


Press (Esc-Key) to pause and see the controls


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  • The updates are getting better.

  • untly

    I did not check the box for mobile. This is a PC only game for now. I'll have to create a "Lite" version for mobile since mobile can not handle how many objects that are on screen. :)

  • pedroRocha

    Bluring the vision is a BRILLIANT idea! If you don't mind I think I will DEFINITELY look into this! I'll still keep it to where it slows the player but not by too much. and may it does damage but very little over time! I'll definitely look into re-balancing. (:


    I would love to add a level creator but the truth is I am going to sell the game of either 99c or 1.99. I want to utilize my time and polish VERY necessary changes before jumping into those kind of Game modes. Maybe the sequel if this game does well on steam? (:

  • Fix the lag and make it so it's mobile support

  • Dream Breaker iherwis

    I appreciate the kind words guys! I am very happy to here you all are enjoying the game! :)

    It looks like this latest ver. broke the game over screen. Gotta fix that when i get home! :D

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