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2.5-D Movement Demo, Like Golden Axe!

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This is an older, buggy 2.5-D implementation. I refer you to my new, 3-D tech demo, "Blue Sky:"


Notes on CAPX file:

If you make "view angle" 0, you have Platform, and 90 is 8-direction. Everything in between is 2.5-D! With the newest version, you can place your floor pieces as if it were a top-down game, manually input the Z-coordinate, and their positions and heights will adjust automatically to fit the perspective. When placing walls (brown), put them at the (x,y) coordinates you want and specify the top and bottom z values; positioning and height will calculate automatically!


Use arrow keys to move and Space to jump.


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  • Thanks, Nemezes! I also have a similar one that works better, without that bug you mentioned:


    If you want to edit the capx to that game, you'll need to make the change I talk about in its game description.

    The math works the same as with the platform behavior, just in 3-d. There's a positive, negative, or zero acceleration, then speed is itself plus the acceleration times dt, then position is current position plus speed times dt. It's basically that process 3 times.

  • Amazing CAPX file. I was wondering on how to make one of these. To jump on 8 directions I used the tips from the forum a hidden object with platform behavior, you made it without using the platform behavior, very nice. sometimes, a bug happens when jumping, the player falls out of screen. nice wok!

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