Youtube videos not showing up in tutorial

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  • In my tutorial I used the tool to embedd youtube videos, but they just appear as whitespace and give an error when you hover over them that they weren't loaded. Is there something special that needs to be done to include a video?

    Also I actually clicked submit on my tutorial by accident. Only the first two parts are up and it will be a few days before the others are up. Is there any way to roll back to the submission? It isn't a big issue since I fixed it up as best I could for now, but I'd like to know for future reference.

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  • In case someone else is having this problem, Kyatric fixed the links so that the videos showed up, although only at a small size. The code he used is:


    where "GoF6KQjM4ns" is the code for your youtube video. (That's the code for one of my videos. You'd use your own code!)

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