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  • I was wondering if it would be possible to get a Wii U area on the forum? Only Wii U developers would be allowed to access this area and you would have to contact Ashley on the Wii U forums before you gain access here on scirra.com?

  • Nintendo already run such a forum.

  • I'm pretty new to the Nintendo forum. Not been able to find it. I'll have to dig deeper. Thanks haha

  • I'd like to have a private Wii U forum here. I am not keen on the Nintendo Forum at all. No alerts, no emails, just have to keep checking every few hours to see if there's been an update.

  • The forums on nintendo are quite limited and nowhere near the activity of scirra forum.

    Is it possible to maintain a nintendo developers user group on scirra tied to a subforum ?

    Meaning only those in the group can visit / see it.

    This lets Scirra easily communicate with other scirra nintendo developers quickly, without worrying about the nda's involved.

  • Nintendo are strict about who is allowed to access information and all developers have to sign an NDA. We don't want to get involved in that bureaucracy and a mistake on our part would break our own NDA, so we are not willing to risk that. I don't see why it's a problem, just post general Construct 2 posts here publicly or anything specific to Wii U on their forum.

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  • I don't see what the issue is either. Visit here if you have general C2 issues or questions and hop over to the Nintendo forums for Wii U-specific problems. Ashley is on there often and I have never had to wait very long for a response.


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