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  • Currently it runs nice and fast. I keep my fingers crossed, too!

  • I am still getting the access denied problems. It seems to be linked to the action that is happening in the lower left corner of the quick reply box. If that has a "timer icon" whirling away then it will fail, if that disappears it should be ok. I think :)

  • czar , I do too, periodically, and I've noticed the same thing. The saving grace, however, is I use Chrome and every time when I hit "back," my form text is still there, complete, just as I tried to send it. When I hit "Post Reply" a second time, it always goes through.

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  • yes I've had the timer icon too.. i try and copy what ive written to save writing it again..

    has anyone had the 404 error.. I get it every time I search for a topic in the forum..

  • *** UPDATE 11/06/13 *** Tom

    Sluggish from 6:30 am onwards. As of 1pm, site is worse than ever. $0 secs to login, 30 secs per link.

    Something is not right with the server :(

    Now getting:


    Only members with sufficient permission can access this page.

    A security error has occurred with authentication.

    Please ensure that all cookies are enabled on your web browser, you are not using a saved or cached copy of the page, and your Firewall/Proxy settings are not hiding or masking your IP address.

    ....when trying to make a NEW post.

  • There's two parts of the site, the forum and the rest of the site. The forum is on a different application pool. When I recycle the app pool it seems to speed up considerably, so I've set it to auto recycle every 60 minutes.

    Let me know if it's improved for everyone

  • I can report that everything is back to very nippy, which is nice ;)

    Fingers back to being crossed, at least for a couple of days.

  • It seems to still work good. Servers act in mysterious ways ;)

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