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    it is true that no coding is required the programming is easy because most of it is done but it is lying to say there is no programming required and wondering if scirra would change it to no coding required

  • How many lines of code of what language have you had to write to make a game in C2 ?

    None ?

    So how is it lying ?

  • because that's coding the coding is done but putting it together is programming and you still have to do that

  • Perhaps you should define programming, oh and while you're at it could you spell tutorials?

  • arrange according to a plan or schedule

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  • I think they mean no traditional text based programming, or text based scripting.

    C2 uses its own visual language to program and script with, maybe this is what they mean? I am terrible with written English, so I can not say whether it is right or wrong.

    You do not need to know any language to learn C2's programming language. This is true.

    You do not need to use the Event system at all for a simple game. Just add behaviours for amusing little toys and games.

    This is a true statement for C+, and Assembler too, you need no formal programming experience to learn how to make games under the C+ or Assembler environment either. It sure good to have some programming training though. C2 is the same way.

  • This has been discussed to death already. In short, technically using Construct 2 events is programming, but it's far easier and quite unlike traditional programming, and we are happy that "no programming required" is the most succinct way to convey this.

  • how about no coding required

  • how about no coding required

    Codes can be visually expressed too. Look at boat signal flags, hieroglyphs, and petroglyphs.

    Codes can also be auditory like Morse code.

    It took me a few thoughts to understand it, But I think "No Programming required" is OK. Maybe not OK for non-english speaking people, but Google translate will confuse them no matter what you say. I have been speaking english since I was 15, and I get a hard time sometimes.

    No Coding required might be better for internet-savy users. I usually link "Code" to programming syntax/gibberish.

    I have a little formal programming training, and I can honestly say this is nothing like anything I have ever tried.

    It is a GODsend for my Dyslexia. I can look over an event sheet and instantly identify what is going on by the sprite thumbnails. I look at even a single line of Python or C# and instantly see gibberish for the first few seconds. (Even with the best syntax highlighting.)

    Well anyway, C2 is not "old-school" programming in my book. I would like to hold my head up and say I am a programmer now though.

  • agreed

  • Asley

    could say something to the effect of (we did the programming for you)

    because you programmed it and did it for us but we just have to put it together and program it the way we want

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