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  • Hey people,

    in the last few weeks I see an increasing number of postings that just say "Good work!" or "Well done!" on a big number of different threads, even on those stupid kitchen ones!

    To me this isn´t any kind of real feedback and looks like randomly posting just to increase the total number of your own profile.

    It´s annoying to me, cause it randomly bumps topics and real good work slides down and didn´t get recognized as good as it deserves.

    Many german boards use something like a minimal word count. Even someone who doesn´t want to give a full detailed Feedback on every game or topic, which is totally understandable, should be able to write at least 5-10 words!

    What do you think?

    Greets, Beav

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  • Agree. One particular user did exactly what you are describing yesterday - posting a ridiculous amount of pointless replies that just had one or two words, and sometimes weren't even relevant to the original post.

    I suppose we should really just use the report post option and let the mods deal with such behavior, but I personally don't feel they are as forthright as they should be sometimes, if you get my drift

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