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  • Hey!

    First of all, what a great software/program/tool. I absolutely love it.

    A suggestion:

    I've surfed on the scirra site for quite some time and I had trouble finding the price for the software in "EUR". I then noticed the small bar below the prices in wich you could switch. Is it only me that had this "problem"? If so, I humbly appologize and I'll buy myself a pair of reading glasses right away! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    But, isn't it possible to acctually have the ?, $, ? currencies in the same "button" or a bigger switch that's more visible?

    This is just a suggestion. But when I didn't notice that you could switch, I was a bit worried about if you could even buy this software in europe or EUR currency. But then when I found out that you acctually could switch currency to EUR and buy this software in europe, it resulted in me gaining intrest in buying a licence alot, so much in fact that I'll buy myself a licence later on. Because the price is 59?, and that is equal to nothing if you think about what you can achieve with a licence.


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