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  • Tom

    there have not been many responses on some improvements to the shop, while i feel the shop is good one, with some great features,.

    there some things i wish where different

    some things here...

    shorten the presentation banner process (upload in one go / less banners)

    removing wrongly added (not active) products > basicly these sit just there without any purpose + they are in the sale selection list = mistakes

    faq > way to adjust without deleting the entry

    i wish the screenshots where in a slider, remaining on the salepage

    i also understand the reasoning about the forum shop posts, but its a problem, as the first posting of the product might not be final, any change you make at the salespage, remains on the forum, updating removes the images, ...

    anyway would be nice to hear if some improvements are planned...

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  • Hi Vtrix,

    Thanks for the suggestions. Those are ones that are most frequently asked for. I'm afraid at the moment I'm only willing to fix bugs and not spend too much time on it right now as I've got a ton of other stuff to do!

    If you spot a bug, feel free to email me and let me know. Otherwise, these things will be addressed when I next look at the shop but I can't say when that will be right now I'm afraid


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