how come no RPGS ?

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  • I actually had a decently working ARPG engine going for CC, with dialogue boxes, combat, stat growth, inventory, map warping, allies, save system, and a couple other neat features. Unfortunately, all these systems had to be tied together and so there was a lot of planning involved and integration (and headaches). I also had several revisions in an attempt to streamline everything and minimize the amount of events used.

    But the engine is only the foundation, and houses are built with far more than just the concrete beneath them. Possibly an RPG's most important piece is its story, and stories themselves take a lot of work to develop as well. Then you've gotta conceptualize and create all the assets that any game would need. Hero and enemy sprites, environment sprites, various sound effects, music, fonts... goes on and on.

    That said, I'm sure there are a few people here with an RPG in development. C2 is still really young though, and large ambitious games take a long time to create, so not seeing any of those is to be expected at this point in time.

  • Oh, how could i forget, Anthony Kojimas' "This is cute" game definately qualifies as an Rpg! Albeit a small one but it has the dialogue, questing, item management etc.

  • I posted the rpg I'm working on called "Brin" a week or two before you created this topic. It was only a week or two in at the time but it is much more solid now and has a lot more features. Planning to update to a new version in the next few days. Hope to see a lot more rpg's out there soon.

  • I'm also making an (mmo)RPG for the upcoming 64Digits RPG competition. The basic concept is here, which I will be updating real soon for something proper. But I've played around with the technology, and the plugins (including the SocketIO, Chat and Z-sort plugin) work together great to make an mmorpg. I've got a simple prototype going which'll allow up to 200 players/monsters on the screen without straining one CPU too much.

    But yeah, the lack of rpgs is probably because it's one of those things that usually require a lot of time investment and so not many have been developed yet.

  • I was going to make my next flash game be a diablo2 style hack and slash rpg( of which i was totally prepared, and qualified to make), but then i found construct and decided to see where that would take me   ^^

    it was very alluring being that I dont know #$#@ about how to do physics/etc

  • I am making an RPG. Check my journal on deviant art..

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  • Yes it's difficult to make a rpg ... yes it takes many time ... a 2D puzzle game stay a 2D puzzle game ... it could be interesting and easy to create too with a good concept ... translate in different languages changing 10 lines of text ... but it's more difficult to interest a player with the same used 10000 times rpg rules and 2D sprites when this same player played wow / skyrim etc ...

    Yes difficult but not impossible ! ... real players like games for games and a very good old rpg can stay interesting ! i like this kind of game !

    In fact why i come to C2 ? why i come to html5 ? it's when i see this =>



  • I LOLed at that site RPG maker... "Make an MMORPG with no programmin!" HAHAHHAA. Also buy Construct2. I did. Worth every penny*5. Lucid where is my spriter!haha jk

  • Indeed. RPGs are one of the most complex types of video games, and even a simple Zelda (or a platformer with Zelda/RPG elements) can take a while to even get a stable alpha build.

  • I've begun construction of an RPG-style, top-down real-time action game with story and exploreable locations and such-like. It's true that it does take time and patience, but being a dedicated and passionate gamer of the old school Ultima's, Dragon Warrior's, and Final Fantasy's, I'm doing my best to create a game by hand from scratch, using Construct 2, that will reflect the early RPG giants from the NES days (which I grew up on). The game is called Dream Enders, and an early playable alpha will be released to the Scirra Arcade with the next update.

    Below is an early slideshow of one of the NPC towns. The graphics have been updated somewhat since the creation of this.

    Also, more updated screenshots available on my Twitter:

    Twitter Account

    After they get the kinks out of the new version of Construct 2, I'll upload it and share the link here, if there's interest for it.


    --C A Withey

  • CAWithey : The screenshots look pretty cool.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Old school RPGs had a lot of wow effect, but took a deep and well thought-out world. Perhaps the construct has a cool 3D graphics, realistic sound and effect it, but it looks simple games can give a new world, of which not want to leave.

    Ultima has been played for decades, and Diablo 3 is finished for the day.

    Yeah, I make rpg. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Gameplay > Graphics. I intend to prove this once again with Dream Enders (not that I'm using that as an excuse to make it ugly--not at all, but I'm using 16-Bit graphics).

  • Really amazing old games like Chrono Trigger and FF IV could easyly be made with construct 2, i mean, tecnically speaking, but only thinking in the graphics will take months to develop, not even taking in acount gameplay, story, narrative, dialogs, an so on, it will take a long time even working in a small team.

    Also, i think that there is still some thing to develop in construct for the rpg games to be more accesible, like more advance narrative and dialog tools, a in-build inventory witch can be modified to adjust the need of each game, and so on, taht is why in my opinion we don't see rpg in construct YET.

    But just you wait, they will come....

  • Gameplay > Graphics. I intend to prove this once again with Dream Enders (not that I'm using that as an excuse to make it ugly--not at all, but I'm using 16-Bit graphics).

    Totally agree on that one, when i was younger i think taht graphics should be the best in game at any cost, growing up i realize that gameplay is much more important, does it matter if the graphics are hyper-cool if the gameplay is boring?

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