Is this right forum to ask about the suggestions platform?

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  • I wanted to request removing the "already exists" tag from a suggestion I'd made, as I think the suggestion was misunderstood.

    (Having the tag there will stop people voting and possibly stop the conversation to clarify the suggestion)

    Or is there another way to make requests for the suggestions platform?


  • It's important to clearly explain feature suggestions, such as precisely what it would do, and why existing features are not sufficient to cover it, in order for your suggestion to be considered. This and more is explained in the feature suggestion guidelines. For example if it seems another feature will do what you want, but you didn't mention it or explain why it's insufficient, it will likely be closed on the assumption you did not know that feature exists. This is very common - we get a lot of people requesting features that are already supported.

    I would advise posting a new suggestion that makes it clearer precisely what you're requesting and why it is necessary, as per the suggestion guidelines.

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  • Thanks for the feedback, and I'll create a new suggestion.

    In this case, though, the Admin Response didn't really address the suggestion. (It's the one about rounded collision co-ordinates). The example use case (pasting floating-point collision points) isn't solved by the Admin's response. And there's another issue raised with the their proposed solution, which I've put in the follow-up comment - but I imagine the discussion is over, as the "already exists" tag is the same as "case closed"?

    All to say I'm not sure how I'd clarify these points with the Admin, when the response is through a tag, rather than a comment. The bug tracker provides the opportunity for clarification and brief discussion, which I'd vote for here, as it's a far more efficient process than reposting suggestions until they're resolved.

    Food for thought anyway! Thanks again, I'll repost the suggestion and address the grid system.

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