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  • Is the "read" topic icon going to change to a lighter desaturated colour? Might make it easier to see topics.

  • Gravatars take 5 to 10 min to be updated, the only way to check if it worked is to wait.

  • I think there's a bug with changing passwords, I've reset my password and then changed it, but the login claims that password is invalid, so I had to reset it again. I've tried multiple times.

  • Thanks candescnce I will look into it.

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  • what's wrong with "post replay" thing?

    it was great and works great on a first day (hmmm 2 days ago)?

    You could easly set colors (more colors), links or images. Even preview works fine. I redone my Cybernetic Overload post in few minuts, now i have tu spend more time just to send simple replay :/

    Could you brimg it back like it was couple of days ago? it was much better.

  • We turned of the Rich Text Editor because a lot of people didn't like it.

    If you can just hang on a bit longer, there is a major new forum release out we want to install soon which should solve a lot of bugs/display issues. Please bear with us!

  • It's almost like christmas... so many presents :D

  • I like the old forums better. Didn't have to search using Google.

  • don't want to start a new thread so i will put it here.

    What do you think about sorting "Your Creations" to something more like "Finished projects" and "WIP" ?

    Honestly there's a big mess over there, and trying to find something is nearly impossible. Most of the things in there shoud be really in the "Your tutorials & example files".

    I'm asking becouse when i paste a link of my game to facebook many people starts asking me where they can find that app for creating games and other games made in CC.

    Since then they still asking me about other games, cause every time they open random topic they just see a picture and short description about game that is in production/abandoned or a project with sprite placeholder flying around blank space. That's not a good advertisement for Scirra. I've been speaking with those people as a member of this community, and almost every one of them said that they would like to see finished or advanced project made in CC or C2, not only screen shoots and demos.

    Please think about that, Help Us Help You Help Us All <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • All due respects, but this forum engine is very old. Will you install a new one?

    Example Forum Engine:

    Best Forum Engine I have seen so far:

    ,where set "words to bold" feedback is realtime, I don't have to bother with ridiculous BBcodes and these features work:

    • WYSWYG
    • Bold = on highlighted word CTRL+B
    • Italics = on highlighted word CTRL+I
    • Underline = on highlighted word CTRL+U
    • Pasted links auto highlighted and activated
    • BBCode is NOT shown and "BBCoded" content is NOT pasted onto the End of Post... aaaarrghgh.
    • and so on..
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