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  • First off I tip my hat to Scirra and the Construct crew for a great job on a great game creator.

    I've nearly finished my game I've been working on for a few months and I'm ready to upload to the arcade but I have a question: In the future will I be able to delete my game from the Scirra arcade?

    Yes I am aware that this question has been posed before however the responses given were somewhat ambiguous:

    "We 'can' delete your game if you request."

    "...If you have a good reason..."

    Now I realize that you guys are busy and I understand that you can not instantaneously comply with every request to delete a game, however I would like a concise response to the question of weather or not my game will be deleted If I were to request it. Whether it takes a day or a week is not really a concern, what is a concern though is that if perhaps in the future I, for whatever reason, need to remove the game from the Scirra arcade that this can and will be achieved. Or is it that by uploading my game I have by default given you the right to host it forevermore?

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  • We'll delete it for you. I've created a thread for people to post to if they want their games deleted here.

  • Thank you for the prompt reply Arima.

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