Pirate princess?

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  • Thanks! All suggestions welcome if anyone has any. I'm just fixing the fanatic badges and going to add a couple more tonight then it should all be done.

    Thinking of having a rep leader board or something like that. All these changes should as you say make the whole system a lot more meaningful.

  • Tom Great idea and a very fun addition!

    My original post was to get badges for big achievements and helping Scirra grow. I like the levels that you added and hope you continue to make the badges a fun experience!

    I play Guild Wars and they have titles that really add a dimension to the game. Some are easier than others, but the Kurzic title took me 180 hours to get. *hangs his head*

  • hah! We've got a couple of badges now for consecutive days you have visited the site which should be cool. If you go to your profile (not edit, but viewing your own profile) you'll see your current count. This only shows if you are logged in as yourself for privacy.

    Adding a couple of fun ones now, 'Quick Draw' and 'Lightning Draw'. Should be good fun :)

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  • I think 50rep for 'Lightning Draw' is to much, half would be better. It's more about luck than anything else to get those Draw badges, but yeah, could be fun.

    And I have a suggestion for the badges page, they could be sorted by alphabet plus value (gold, silver, bronze)

  • Ok I think I agree, changed it to 25.

    Also the suggested list ordering is a very good idea, will upload that soon!

  • I think this badge says it all:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38038537/ScirraNotchBadge.png" border="0" />

    What a tremendous community!

  • I just found the pirate princess. That was fun! :-)

  • Where are the princess?

    I try to found but not see

    well I not make trap

    Still continue to found by myselft


    <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Still looking for it... i have to find it soon or i will go mad, jeje

    See ya!

  • no its nothing dude. Don't worry carry on next time.

  • The first clue is simple to find ;-p ... but it think my lacks in english is a brake to go further ... ;-(

  • same here, first was totaly easy and now I?m going to be freak out :D

  • I've been searching for this like a month! I'm freaking out XD

    Is it just plain luck to meet her or she is always there on some link just for us to find her? OO

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