An open thank you to the Scirra Team

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  • I wanted to say thank you!

    I joined the Scirra community a while ago. I mentioned in multiple threads and emailed the team regarding the lack of basic important collaboration features in the forums. I was informed that they were working on it, though it might take some time.

    I have been logging in less frequently because conversations were hard to track. I logged in today to see the forum software has been changed. Though, there may still be wrinkles to iron out, I am ecstatic to see the team working in this direction!

    I wanted to openly thank the Scirra team for actively working on, not only the Construct software, but the support software as well. I commend you guys and I am happy to finally use the forums in a proper fashion.

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  • No problem, and sorry it took so long

  • Understandable. When I received your reply, I understood the task at hand. I've assembled piece meal websites for other. I've been around the block with it. Migrating database information between two pieces of software, and getting everything to work properly, is no easy task. It looks like there is a pretty solid foundation now. It can only get better.

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