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  • Tks guys for prompt response

    Pologies for exploding on the forum was just a bit irritated

    Mostly my fault tho i imagine :) Spending more money than I should have


    Quick baring of the soul to total strangers :) . Coder have been 30 odd years Currently unemployed :( maybe partly cos im a grumpy frustrated old manand its getting close to xmas time ....agian with no money :( anyways last month i evenually attended a Windows 8 Hackathon at Microsoft in SA and got off me ass enuff to see that i could make apps using the Store function and saw possibility to make some money :) This would hopeully help struggling family Anways to keep a to long story short I recently stumbled across Construct and realising how the tool helped ease the development process got caught up and bought a personal license . When i could not get the licence validate i kinda Lost it :( Allis fogiven now tho :)

    Mark <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Dear Mark,

    No problem and welcome to the community :) I look forward to playing some of your games soon hopefully!


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  • picks up the guantlett from the windows 8 challenge :)

    Yup coming soon

    Besides if i don't get money from making games soon ill be programming in the dark :)

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