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  • I'm not sure what causes it, but the forums often incorrectly show new posts, leaving some out. I have to select a time range instead of whatever the time of the previous visit was to make the posts actually show up, and even then it doesn't list threads as having new posts, even if I haven't read them. This bug makes it harder to make sure I haven't missed anything.

    I don't know if it has anything to do with me checking the forums on two different computers and browsers, but it even happens when I continually check the forums on the same computer with the same browser.

  • Thanks for the post, it's a pain but I think it's got something to do with the forum software and it's really hard to solve.

    The alerts system should go some way to help you keep track of everything (which is one reason why I put it in). There's been a few forum software updates that might fix this but it's hard to upgrade because I've changed quite a few things, but will get round to it eventually!

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  • Oh it just did it to me now! Marked a whole bunch as unread when I've just read them, it's strange. I think it has to do with memory recycling on the server. But I'm pretty sure I read WebWiz and it's an issue that has been fixed in the new releases.

  • Ah, good to hear it can be fixed then. Odd that it marked yours unread when they had been read, since in my case, it marks them read when they haven't been read. :/

    Edit: Er, actually it did! It even marked my OWN post as unread. Weird!

  • Edit: Er, actually it did! It even marked my OWN post as unread. Weird!

    Same here.

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