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  • Couldn't log in with the old password. New email'ed password works, but I'm afraid to change it. Hopefully we will get some info when it is safe to change it?

  • Password changing should be fine now. EmpoerorIng, this is the first time I've heard of that issue, could you perhaps try a different browser? Clear your cache, clear web history? There may be conflict with the old site.

  • Changing pass doesn't work, even after clearing cache. I'm still using temp pass.

  • I'm also having the same problem. I tried changing my password a second time just in case I might have made any spelling errors, but I still seem to need the temporary password.

  • This is really bizarre, sorry about this. I've done a lot of tests, and I just can't reproduce it. I'll investigate more and get to the bottom of it.

  • Ok, I've found the cause. This would also probably be why some people can't login initially as well. Any password with upper case letting doesn't work for some reason. I will look into why this is soon. In the meantime, change your password to lower case and it will work fine.

  • Right, it looks like the issue is PHPBB was case sensitive passwords, but this new forum is not, it forces inputs to lowercase. This means that if you had an uppercase character in your password, you would generate an incorrect hash and it would fail your login.

    Hopefully tonight I can edit one line of code and fix it all in one go. This will now mean your passwords ARE case sensitive. The reason your uppercase generated passwords worked is because they were a trusted generated string that wasn't passed through any filters.

  • Tom

    Does this mean we can use 'strong' passwords after the fix? By this I mean a combination of upper/lower/numeric and special characters?


  • Zen,

    Yes, there are two ways to fix this, one is to force lower case and one is to allow case sensitivity. I heavily favour case sensitivity as it exponentially increases the search space for peoples passwords, and it also is two birds with one stone because anyone still trying to login who can't (I still think there are some users) should then be able to login.

    Special chars work at the moment, it literally is case sensitive letters that cause the problem only.


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  • Ok guys, last time I think! Thanks for all your patience, changing password/logging in etc, should ALL be resolved now. Remember your password is case sensitive now.

  • I haven't cleared my caches or cookies yet (since I am hesitant to re-log back into every website I go to... I know, selfish), but I just wanna let you know that I am still forcibly logged out in my main account every time I click on the forums tab.

    I guess I'll just man up and clear everything later, but I just wanted to bring that up to attention once more.

  • The password issue is for the most part solved Tom (Thanks by the way), but there is one bug that seems to be lingering. When I changed my password again, in the next screen it takes me to where it asks me to log in afterwards, the password still doesn't work..., but strangely enough on every other screen my new password worked fine. So on that one screen after changing the password, it didn't work for me for some reason.

  • Currently it is working again, logging in.

    I grabbed another temp password,

    logged in and changed it,

    tried it,

    logged out and back in and it works.

    Thank you for the fix.

  • This is a test, because I'm constantly getting an "access denied"-error for 3 days now everytime I try to post something.

    EDIT: Hmm, seems to work for now. I will just hope the best :)

  • Changing password works, thanks Tom.

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