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  • Hi Tom,

    About the new forums:

    - Will we be able to preview again before posting?

    - Can we no longer send private messages to users?

    - Where are the smileys, the signatures and the reputation/experience points, as well as the badges?

    - Will it be possible to delete definitely an answer already deleted without it remaining accessible to all?

    - Finally, the search engine has many bugs (some unemployed filters, upper and lower case not ignored, which reduces the results, etc....). Can we expect an improvement at this level because the previous system seemed more complete?

    Thanks for your answers! :-)

  • Tom

    Oh, ok, sorry for this point (just a test on one of my post):

    Deleted answers and histories, seem to not be visible by others.

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  • +Add another quick question about private messages.

  • Hi Sebastien,

    - No plans to add smilies, would be fun to add in though. Will look into it.

    - PM's is a feature we removed a while ago, no plans to bring back. It's difficult to moderate these and we did have lots of spammers/users promoting other products via them, and with new GDPR rules we'd rather just not bring them back.

    - Case sensitivity in search results I believe is not possible to implement. What filters are you missing? I beleive it has the same filters as the previous forum as that's what I designed it based off.

  • Hi and thanks Tom,

    - Smilies: Not everyone likes or uses them, but it made some discussions more fun and expressive. +1 for their return! ":-)"

    - PM's: For example, you could simply allow certified members to write to other users, which would allow to start a private conversation, facilitate contact and exchanges of all sorts.

    - Search engine: I have to do some tests before coming back to you after listing them.

    - And about previews? (before posting and answering)

    - And signatures, badges, reputation/experience points?

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