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    I'm really excited to add my (future) game to this new set-up. Looking good, Scirra Bros!

    Tom you are awesome, this web site is the betters that I have seen.

    You are great developer.

    Really nice!

    Im really hoping for that the new Arcade will be mobile friendly!

    Playing all these games directly in the mobile browser would be really cool!

    Great Work!

    The games will allow fullscreen mode, any dimensions and a much larger file size (TBC).

    There will also be a much bigger emphasis on stats (something I'm quite excited about)

    Tom Anything regarding unofficial plugin support? It seems to be one of the major roadblocks stopping people from putting their games on the Arcade.

    Yay! Achievements! :D

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    I like how you used Team Fortress 2 achievements as a mockup. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Also, there is a "100 credits" text in one of the screenshots. Is this an equivalent to Facebook Credits (in other words, one of possible ways to monetize our games)?

    New Arcade layout and changes looks great. Can't wait to have my first game on there. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    Will we be able to use plugins like "scml" (spriter) in the new arcade?

    Will new version of Scirra Arcade include some additional categories/sections/tags/filters/division for uploaded games, such as

    • playable (full) games,
    • demos/previews
    • tests

    and so on?

    I like Arcade very much and I found quite a lot of intresting projects and some inspirations for my own, but unfortunatly among good projects there is also much too much of junk that spams the arcade :/ It's very anoying to see a "game" uploaded only for purpose of testing or uploaded because the author thinks this is "game" that anyone else could be happy to play.

    I fully understand that there needs to be also a place for testers or beginers who are looking for advices/help, but such projects should be certainly filtered if visitor is not intrested in participating in "testing".

    Also some moderators would be helpful if someone incorrectly puts a test project as fully playable game.

    We're hoping to allow all third party plugins, this is still tbc though but it's heading that way.

    Tagging demos/previews etc definitely a good idea

    Great work !

    Keep it up.


    Hadzy Hayman

    great work, can't wait to see it.. I'm a fan!

    The new arcade is looking great so far! Good work Tom and Ashley.

    Thank you for featuring My Irrational Fear of Unicorns so proudly! I'm happy that I saw this :)

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