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  • I've seen a few topics on the forum marked as popular because the author has replied 50+ times to keep it up the top of the list. In most forums this is spamming, and in some just double-posting is looked down upon. Isn't there some kind of rule for this?

    I don't see anything but the slightly ambiguous word 'spam' in the rather hard to find rules. But common sense and a good idea of what ethics means in most cases makes rules redundant. I'm not trying to be a backseat moderator here, but under my own type of totalitarian rule I'd just merge all the posts into one, and for massively obtrusive repeat offenses lock the thread and warn the user. This kind of stuff can get out of hand, and in the meantime it makes a mockery of the forum's 'most recently replied to thread first' system. It's logically in the same boat as trolling and flame-baiting.

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  • The mods are pretty good at pm'ing a warning to offenders as well as locking threads, merging topics, etc.

    It could be a case of overlooking, hence there is a report button on each and every post.

    If it offends you... report it,

    [quote:2r6onbur] use the report button to alert a moderator to the problem and one of us will take care of it. This includes spam posts.

    if it is legit reporting, then the mods will act upon it. Else, you can expect a warning and explanation as to why.

    There are a few posters who get carried away with posting, and I know they have had multiple warnings, and they are generally under 15 years of age. So the mods take pity on them and are trying to train them, steer them to proper etiquette. I just block them personally, as I couldn't be bothered reading anything they have to say Add them to foe list.

  • Ah good point. Thanks for the tip.

  • I've seen a few topics on the forum marked as popular because the author has replied 50+ times to keep it up the top of the list.

    The only topic of that nature I can think of is in the "Job Offers and Team Requests" forum.

    And the stickied topic "READ BEFORE USING THIS FORUM" (which acts as rules of moderation for this specific forum) states (amongst other things) :

    [quote:2v8gxteb]Use entirely at your own risk. We also will not moderate, support or assist with problems on this forum, or verify accuracy of posted information.

    But otherwise, yes, please do report any other problematic topics and mods will act and notify users as required.

    We do try to keep the forums noise as low as possible, but it is a huge task on a daily basis, and some topics may pass us by.

    Don't hesitate to use the report function.

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