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  • Make sure you are on scirra.com not scirra.com (I will fix this soon to force a redirect)<div>

    </div><div>Try to login to your old account, does it work?  Still having issues?  Post here and I will sort it out for you tonight, I can reset your password and it should all be fine.</div>

  • I can't login yet, if you want to reset my password for alspal (alspal@gmail.com) that would be handy.

  • Hi Alspal, sorry you're having issues, I'll reset it tonight and  drop you an email and make sure you recover it OK.

  • <p>

    It's DtrQ, please reset my password (dtr0q10@gmail.com) and delete this account, 

    "Forgotten Password" don't work</p>

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  • Hey Tom, it's deadeye.  I sent you a couple PM's yesterday about how I can't log in, not sure if you got them though.  But I see there is a thread for this now, so hey... I can't log in! 

    And the forgot password link leads to 404. 

    And the scirra.com domain refused my email from my gmail account (tried to contact Ash)

    And trying to read a PM (that I sent you) gives a "500 - Internal server error" - not sure if that's an inbox thing as well as an outbox thing though.

    Anyway I don't want to post my email on the forum, but you should be able to find it.  If you could send me a password reset I'd be much obliged <img src="smileys/smiley41.gif" border="0" alt="Beer" title="Beer" />

  • Hi guys, sorry you're having problems, I'll be on it first thing tonight.  Keep an eye on this thread for updates.  I'll also email you if I have to reset your password.<div>

    </div><div>Thank's for your patience, I understand this can be frustrating!</div>

  • Hi, it's R0J0hound here, I am also unable to login.  It says invalid username/password when I try.  But I am still able to login into the old forum.


  • heh

    Well at least these alternate nicks are kinda interesting.

  • Zenox98 here.  I cannot login also. Please reset and email me. Many thanks.


  • Hi guys, could you all try and login with your old website login username and password please, let me know here if it doesn't work.<div>

    </div><div>If you've forgotten your password, let me know here as well.  But it should work now.</div>

  • zenox98 here. Wouldn't let me login using my original OR the newly created login. Had to create another login - obviously <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" alt="Confused" title="Confused" />

  • Zenox im going to email you a temp password for zenox98, can you let me know if it works please?

  • Zenox I reset your password and tried it out, it failed, I can now reproduce this error and am working on it now (I'll be as quick as I can)

  • pass for newt is still a nogo and suddenly tewn is too...

  • Ta

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