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  • I did a search on the forums & checked my settings, but nothing came up....

    A lot of times when I go to post in the forum, I get a popup message saying I've been logged out because my session expired.

    Aside from spending less time choosing my words, is there a way to prevent this? It's annoying to have to copy/paste the text I just typed & rewrite the post title every time.

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  • I am getting a similar "session expired" pop-up error, with exception of it not logging me out (after checking "Remember me" on login form).

    Sometimes it is changed by a full-page error about not being authorized to perform the action:Error

    Only members with sufficient permission can access this page.

    A security error has occurred with authentication.

    Please ensure that all cookies are enabled on your web browser, you are not using a saved or cached copy of the page, and your Firewall/Proxy settings are not hiding or masking your IP address.oth are resolved by refreshing the page.

    It is slightly embarrassing to have to copy-paste your message before submitting though.

    While registering, I have also noticed that login-related pages are taking a while (up to 15 seconds here) to respond. Perhaps something is currently broken on server side?

  • This has been happening since I joined over a year ago. I just Ctrl C my post then click submit. 50% of the time I'll get a session timeout and have to refresh the page and Ctrl V,

  • I pretty much always type the post, copy it, press F5 to refresh the page and then paste and post it... hopefully someday they will get it figured out... I would also love it if the login screen would redirect you back to the page you were on before hitting login... instead of sending you to the home page or back to the forums main page...

  • yeah, I noticed the redirect, too....seems like it would be a simple fix to throw in a "keep me logged in" checkbox in the user settings, like a lot of sites have.

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