Fair ratings?

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  • I tend to explore the games with the most plays. I have never trusted our type of rating system. I just figure the best games are going to get the most plays. Might not hurt to do away with our ratings system all together.

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  • I've noticed some games don't register your star ratings.. it says it does but the game still says the votes it had originally..

    I agree with Val or change how it is done..

  • The ratings are fixed again, like Tom posted earlier, but I noted with Pick to Win, high scores might not be registering.

  • Manley23,

    I'm up to 57,000 points, but still don't show up in the high score list. Is there something I'm missing to properly post my scores?

  • I can say only "Welcome to the Club". I was victim of this issue a while ago, and the solution was stop to post new games and Mockups on Arcade while the rate system persists.

    This is the problem many sites with arcades have. Newgrounds is one of the worst arcades I've seen, with little kids who are unwilling to read basic instructions.

    For example, one kid rated my game 0/5 stars because he said I never wrote how to fire the ship, when the instructions clearly say "arrow keys to move, space to shoot" and I even put that exact same text in the description right under the game. The kids on NG are lazy or stupid (or both?) and this is why many games on NG go completely unnoticed.

    I hope Scirra arcade doesn't turn into the same thing.

  • Evidence!

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8087555/PickScore.png" border="0" />

  • Evidence!

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8087555/PickScore.png" border="0" />

    RandomExile - that...is...amazing. Wow, what a score.

    Tom - can you confirm the high scores table is working in the Arcade?

  • This should now be fixed.

  • All better. Thanks!

  • Well, some people just play the newest games, and don't care about the ratings, like me.

    Besides, what's your final goal from having your game in highest rated? you want your game to be played, right?! Ok, there are other ways to achieve this.

    you can share the link on your FB/GP/T account, you can email the link to your friends, advertise it on different websites and a lot more.

  • Hi Manley23, I understand what you mean, I got 1 star ratings too on my game and surely it's not a game that deserves 1 star, especially if compared to many other games on the Arcade. Some frustrated people have fun like that, it's life and I am sorry for them more than for my rating :)

    Beside that, the whole Arcade rating and overall system is so broken right now that it probably makes no sense posting there and/or expecting rating to be fair or useful. I hope the promised Arcade update will rock and give the C2 gaming community a big push forward!

  • Manley23

    Your game has nice colors and good play dynamics. I didn't get a bad vide by looking at it. If someone looks as it clicks on few gems and intuitively doesn't like it, is understandable.

    My game golem received low ratings. Then I thought about it. The Rotary Compo had a goal to create a game that should rotate, be playable and the player should have some goal.

    Other than finishing a game in C2 I had no plans for super-exhilarating gameplay. I just wanted to give a goal to finish that level - as a requirement - and of course it didn't incite my emotions to do something really unique and that was it. I reaped what I sow. I did that game and I'm content. The low ratings just needs some sober thinking and putting aside instant "emotional-thinking", which is junk most of the time.

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