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  • 1. The "compare features" link on the bottom left of the old web pages (e.g. here) is linked to the scirra store. Could confuse potential customers.

    2. The forum search box requires me to click on the bottom third of it to activate. Likewise, it's very easy to click on my profile address box thing instead, since the link to it extends all the way down into the search box.

    Using updated chrome with updated video drivers.

    I imagine these things will be fixed with the rest of the site changes, but thought I'd let you know anyways!

    Looking great so far!

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  • Number 2, I'm not sure what you mean exactly? Could you show a screenshot perhaps?

  • 3 pics

    These 3 pictures show my mouse in slightly different locations on the "search forums" searchbox. Unfortunately, fraps doesn't capture the mouse location, so I had to superimpose fake mouse images into the picture in the most precise location I could, so these are accurate, albeit fabricated.

    The first picture shows what happens when I go to activate the search box underneath my "teahousemoon [ 0 ]" personalized link box for the site. If I went down just a tiny bit more (approx. the bottom third of the search box itself) with my cursor, I would be able to activate the search box.

    The second picture shows what happens when I am able to activate the search box (with the I cursor appearing). This can only be activated on the bottom third of the search box.

    The third picture shows what happens when I move my cursor approx. 1 frame above the location my cursor is in for the 2nd picture. With this standard mouse pointer, I cannot activate the search box, and clicking has no response.

    I should also note that my resolution is 1080x1920.

    I hope this helps, thanks Tom!

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