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  • This is a problem I've had with posting links in the "How do I..." forum. When I post with a link to my .capx file, sometimes I get an error saying only users with 500 reputation can post links.

    I have 40 forum posts, all of which are in the "How do I..." forum with either a question or an answer. I currently have 306 rep. I have no idea how I am supposed to reach 500 reputation.

    There have been numerous times where I have tried to post a helpful reply with a .capx file only to get slammed with an error page telling me I do not have the rep required to post links. When I click the back button, I find that my entire post has been erased and I have to retype everything again. Often times I am frustrated and just refuse to retype my helpful comment, meaning my helpful post never sees the light of day.

    The reputation requirement for posting links on this forum should be lowered, probably to 250 or so.

  • Post your link as plain text, only the usage of [ url] tag is restricted on "newer" accounts.

    The limit is indeed perhaps a bit high, tweaks are being made regularly to the accounts and the forums.

    It's probably subject to changes.

  • I'd also bring this one to the attention of people who might be able to change it.

    While I'm not as helpful as Excal it feels kind of strange that I released my second game in the arcade. Yet, when I want to make a nicer link (aka. the banner of the share section of the game) it tells me that I need to get (like mentioned above) 500 reputation points.

    I'm here since about 2 month. Seeng that I'm more of a reader and searcher, rather than contributing (I have only 19 posts, not counting this one. I do contribute games though.), it really feels like I will never ever get those 500 points needed.

  • Suro , try and get those badges , they will boost your rep a lot !

  • Suro

    If you go through every page of the manual whilst you're logged on, that'll give you the 150 rep points you need. (One of the things it doesn't seem to take into account is that some people download the manual and read it offline).

  • Reading the manual, replying to posts, look at the badges listing for other ideas on how to get more rep. I had enough rep to post links, etc... after my second day of joining the site, the goal is to make sure it is really people instead of just those looking for a quick way to post spam links...

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  • That approach assumes every new developer reads the manual.

    There is an excellent, and I mean excellent, Udemy course that covers just about everything in C2, from features to making an entire game (including art in illustrator and sounds in FL Studio) from scratch in C2. I learned the majority of what I know about C2 from that course, and not from the manual or tutorials.

  • Reading the manual is a good step before posting questions on the forums don't you think, especially as the fellas who run the site can't tell if you took a course on it somewhere else...

  • Suro

    I sent a postcard to scirra. That puts your rep up and you get a badge :)...

    Like Whiteclaws said try and get those badges...

  • Excal

    I think most read the manual at some point to try and figure things out. I agree with Dave Hailwood though about reading offline. I would prefer to have the manual in my hand to make notes in and reference pages etc..

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