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  • I got my game uploaded and I'd like to change it's name, but I cannot, even after I edit the name, it stays the same.

    Also in game listings, the description is not updated and I believe number of plays, there's been over 1000 plays, but in game list it says "10 plays".

    And also, the "highest rated" sorting doesn't seem to work. My game has second highest rating, but appears 6th from top :(

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  • Maybe there's some algorithm to rotate things that's not based on stars or plays to keep things fresh?

    I know in the example games four new entries are in the top 5, and games with more plays/stars are lower.

    I guess it's based on how long things have been in the top 5 and pushes older things down in favour of new?

    There may be a caching thing with the images also, as I see the same thing on my footer - it's actually just over 2000 players, but my footer pic ( at least for me on my work or home machines ) says ~530.

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