I cannot update my game on the Arcade

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  • Hi,

    If I try a direct file upload then I receive the following error message after the upload counts to approx 98%:

    404 - File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.[/code:2kfi7p5q]
    If I try to upload by using a dropbox Public or OneDrive share url then I receive the following error:
    [code:2kfi7p5q]Could not find file 'C:\inetpub\non_public\v4arcade\temp\51367\game.zip'.[/code:2kfi7p5q]
    ...which doesn't make any sense.  
    Can anyone help?
  • It appears that this post is about the same problem. So, are we really limited to a maximum file size of 30 Mb? Is this limit set in stone or can it be relaxed so that games containing more than a handful of assets can also be included there?

  • Arcade and store are two different beasts.

    And games with more than 30 Mo can be uploaded to the store, the actual problem with most uploads is the speed of connexion which makes it so that it resets during the transfer. (In those case, upload by URL through a service like dropbox does tend to help since dropbox has a better transfer rate)

    As notified in the release topic for the beta arcade :


      All third party plugins supported!All game sizes supported, no max widths!Games up to 50mb uncompressed supportedAttach capx files up to 50mb in size to games

      So I guess the issue is somewhere else.

      At worst, send your exported zip to the support and it will be investigated.

      But 30 Mo is no issue.

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    • Thanks Kyatric, I hadn't noted the uncompressed upload limit for the arcade. I'll just be careful when deleting non-demo assets before exporting.

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