BUG - Uploading to Scirra Arcade - not working

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  • I think there may be an issue for uploading to the arcade. I successfully uploaded my game and wanted to push an update and it seems it cannot overwrite what is there. I get a red bar error at the top stating (\\icon-256.png already exists.) When I delete said icon it stops on the next icon. I could possibly be doing something wrong but I am unsure what it could be.

  • Hey Tom is this something I have done wrong. I cannot overwrite my game on the arcade. Also I am really enjoying using C3. Well done.

  • Ashley doesn't deal with the Arcade - that's one of Tom's responsibilities.

  • Thanks zenox98 for the adjustment.

  • I gave up on this and just uploaded a new version.

  • Is there a fix for not being able to overwrite your games on the Arcade? I would like to update my game without having to remove it and then upload a new one. Has anyone else come across this? I have no 3rd party plugins running and I am using C3.

  • Yeah this used to happen to me a lot actually

    The first time I just emailed Scirra support with the new file and Tom had to manually update it for me if I remember correctly.

    After that, it happened again, so I just uploaded the old version for the time being

    What it ended up being for me was that, even though it didn't say it, the new file I was trying to upload was too large, so I cut back some of the audio and animations and it worked after that

    It could be something different for you, though; I obviously don't know exactly how it works but yeah

    Best bet is probably just to email them directly

  • +1 i have same bug

  • I am getting this bug as well, I basically can't update my game without a fix for the following issue:

    "The file D:\\FromC\\V4Arcade\\games\\27550\icons\icon-512.png already exists."

    This really needs to be fixed. Uploading a brand new game every time is not a great workaround for updating small fixes.

  • Same issue

    The file D:\\FromC\\V4Arcade\\games\\27610\icons\icon-64.png already exists.

  • I sent a mail off to Scirra support, hopefully they can help. However I just saw Tom's recent thread saying they aren't going to fix ongoing issues until the new arcade is released.

    I am not sure if that means this problem isn't getting fixed, or if he was referring to other requests. I guess we will see.

  • I just got this bug too. Any updates?

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  • I just got this bug too. Any updates?

    Not yet unfortunately. I have yet to get a reply from my support email regarding this. I decided to move my game release over to Newgrounds until this issue is fixed. NG is actually pretty cool in regards to game dev management and API tools, you may want to check it out. It runs html5 games perfectly, and you can update your game with no issues .

    Tom said in another thread they are getting a full time Web Dev in April. So maybe this will be on their list to fix, although he also said they won't be fixing any current issues as well .

  • I got a support email response from Tom. It sounds like they are working hard on the new arcade and won't be able to fix this issue in the current Scirra Arcade unfortunately.

    So the alternatives are to host your game on another site ( Newgrounds, Kongregate, etc ), or instead of updating your current Scirra Arcade game just upload a new project instead (Then delete the old version).

    The new arcade should fix this issue so you can always wait for that to be unveiled as well .

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