Arcade upload problem 5 months old or more

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    hello, i re post my problem here, since i bought a totally new computer, and my account on scirra arcade , doesn't work anymore for like 6 months now, or smth like that. i have found a related topic on internet it seems to be a server issue with my account here is a link <a url="">Net framework directory service account management</a>

    last time i was posting this issue , kind moderators reply and tried to help but in the end was unsuccessful , please fix it its a simple line directory fault.......

    in case Ur wandering what is written in the second picture i have uploaded a text file for you guys....please make it work, something is definitely wrong, i tried using Mozilla, internet explorer, chrome, flock, opera, and many other browsers i have like a full pack of drivers and updates installed re-installed everything from scratch for almost 50 times , in the end i just bought a new computer same problem though..... however i did made a new account, and the problem doesn't exist there, but all my ratings and my game files i don't have them anymore because is a new account , so i cant just re-upload , also my quintessence cant invite me to friends cause profile is to low badges went off everything... please... i need it was my source of advirtising....

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  • basically a popup with upload ur zip file should apear but it doesnt if u check the link i provided some dude has the same problem with his server.... can u please look into it Ashley and Tom please ... thanks alot. and congrats for announcing the Construct 3 Engine

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