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    <p>PROJECT FEATURES:</p><p>moving towards position</p><p>increasing speed and number of zombies</p><p>blast bonus</p><p>touch control</p><p>A fun action zombie chathers game where you do not shoot the zombie, but you kill their zombie sperm, so they can not reproduce. </p><p>Zombie want to rule the world and are rapidly increasing their number, will you to stop the invasion?</p><p>IN THE GAME YOU WILL FIND:</p><p>** Incredible nice graphics + zombie theme.</p><p>** Ten levels/sperm waves with the increasing number of zombie sperm that you must destroy.</p><p>** You can use the massive bonus that will destroy all the zombie sperm in the area every 15 seconds.</p><p>** Progress in the game by completing achievements, kill 10, 100, 1 000,10 000 and 100 000 sperm!</p><p>** Save your best results.</p><p>If you need any help, contact me! Fast Support. :-)</p>

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