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A set of 34 small WAV files. Each plays a small sound effect that could be used as an action or event feedback noise.
  • Themed Game Music — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>Hand curated, all original music loops, specifically composed and designed for today�s in-game play, loading and lobby music, transition, incidental cues and sequences. The Epic Sounds and FX Themed Game Music collection helps get your game, app, video, animation or any audio production completed in no time at all. Every cue is mixed and engineered in full spectrum stereo .wav files that are production ready, loop-able and purposed to set the stage and create the moods, themes and emotions in your custom audio productions.</p><p>The Epic Sounds and FX Themed Game Music Collections includes pre-categorized selections that can be the definitive tone setting backdrop to gameplay or any audio creation. Arcade, tribal, Japanese and oriental, horror and zombie, indie and friendly, epic and orchestral, casual, trance and high energy are the themes brought to life in this 50 plus minute collection of music loops.</p><p>Gain some freedom and make your music supervisor pretty happy too since it�s ready to roll and royalty free. Put the producers, editors, composers, musicians and sound engineers of Epic Stock Media to work for you today, with Epic Sounds and FX Themed Game Music!</p><p>72 Music Files</p><p>489.9 MB</p><p>All Loops are in .WAV, 44.1kbs, 16bit</p><p>Seamlessly loop-able</p><p>Ready to Use in Games</p><p>Multiple Moods, Themes, Emotions</p><p>Japanese, Epic, Orchestral</p><p>Arcade, Casual, Trance,</p><p>High Energy, Tribal, Horror, Zombie</p><p>Incidental Music Cues</p><p>Licensed individually would cost >$600</p><p>Royalty Free Music Tracks</p><p>Track Durations 0:15-1:58 (min:sec)</p><p>52 minutes of music</p><p>8 Categories</p>

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