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    <h3>Seeded Random Number Generator</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>It is aimed at providing you a way to generate random numbers, like the system expression Random().</p><p>The difference is that the Seeded Random Number Generator (SRNG) relies on a seed, a string of characters/numbers that will allow you to always get the same numbers when using the same seed and still getting a proper number distribution out of the generation.</p><p>Famous games using such seeded random number generator are The binding of Isaac (TBI)or Faster Than Light (FTL). Other games do rely on it as well, but perhaps not letting the player know about the seed (that's the case of a game like NetHack).</p><p>The archive contains an explanation document in pdf format, a capx file made as a usage example (made in stable r221 at the moment of writing this description) and the c2addon file that allows you to add the plugin to Construct 2.</p>

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  • This will be useful for terraria/minecraft like world generation. Great job, good luck with sales!

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  • Thank you very much

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