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    <h3>Scary Seas Pack</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>The Scary Seas sound pack contains 4 unique tracks of creepy ambient noise to go with any ocean setting - perfect for ocean-side haunted houses, ghost ships, and encounters on the ocean with mythical sea creatures (such as sirens). </p>

    • CreepySeas - The Whisperers - Dynamic Loopable
    • CreepySeas - The Whisperers - StaticLoopable
    • CreepySeas - Vocal Drone - Dynamic Loopable.wav
    • CreepySeas - Vocal Drone - Static Loopable.wav

    <p>These track have been carefully crafted so that they can be layered on top of one another without interfering with one another. For example, the bonus track "All Merged Demo" demonstrates the seamless merging of all 4 tracks to create something new. This can be done in game to create seamless tracks.</p><p>The static tracks have less volume variations between the components that make up a single track. While the dynamic ones add variety by varying component volumes as play advances.</p>

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