Samolocix flying along advanced (With Source)

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  • Samolocix flying along advanced — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>Your task is fly far as you can so use POD to steer your plane and pick up many coins and diamonds many as you can to upgrade your flying skills in shop.</p><p>This game have in his source:</p>

    • touch control ready for mobile devices
    • shop
    • high score
    • auto save (when you open game all stats are loaded)
    • upgrade system (wind, gum tires, wings, speed, magnes)

    <p>Skills explonation:</p><p>SPEED- if you pick up this item you get super rocket engine to fly faster, if higher level of skill you fly faster and longer.</p><p>WIND- your maximum pool of POD increase.</p><p>WINGS- if you pick up this item your plane receive longer wings and you see on screen two arrows to steer your plane.</p><p>GUM TIRES- When you have gum tires you nac bounce from ground.</p><p>MAGNES- You create magnetic gravity over your plane so you harvest cash more easly</p>

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