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    • 7 Abilities
    • 8 skills
    • 5 character statistics
    • Pick up items to inventory
    • Change position of items between slots
    • Equip swords armors sheilds ect. from your inventory
    • All items have own statistics for grow your strenght, intelligence defense etc EASY to modify just in instance variables!
    • Use consumable items
    • Day night cycle (sleeping animals)
    • Level up system with Learn Points
    • Learn points you can add to Your skills
    • The variety of abilities and skills has an effect on the gameplay.
    • Opening door with right level of lockpick skill
    • Disarming traps too
    • Sneak system
    • Displaying text on earned XP
    • Displaying damage text
    • 4 directions of movement character and oponent
    • Oponent's AI
    • Critical hits
    • Just change statistics of enemy/item ammount of HP, receive XP, attack, defense and everything will automaticaly set without change in event sheet

    <p>In archive you find TEXTBOX PLUGIN needed to open template</p><p>Buying this you learn a lot or use this to build great RPG game. ITS CHEAP! YOU BUY ONCE AND YOU GET UPDATE EVERY 7 DAYS</p><p>IN FUTURE THIS WILL BE COST MORE BECAUSE I PREPARE FEW UPDATES, YOU CAN SAVE LOT OF TIME I DO THIS ALL FOR YOU</p>

    Use this topic to leave comments, ask questions and talk about RPG SURVIVAL TEMPLATE GAME

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