Reinforcement Learning (Plugins)

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  • I haven't, but I think it's not outside the realm of the possible.

    However, if you want to look into this beyond game-AI-behaviour, I'd recommend you switch to either the JS version (or another version) of Deep-Q-Learning (here) which you can have running at thousands of ticks per second (instead of 60fps) or focus on some machine learning library, for example by using Tensor Flow.

  • Who has a simple example please share!

  •  instanceProto.saveToJSON = function ()
            // return a Javascript object containing information about your object's state
            // note you MUST use double-quote syntax (e.g. "property": value) to prevent
            // Closure Compiler renaming and breaking the save format
            return { "brain_valuenet": this.brain.value_net,
                    //"layer_defs": this.layer_defs,
                    "network_size": this.network_size >>>,<<< 
    The extra comma. Incorrect json and does not work LoadJSON
  • Thank you for pointing this out DeXVinogradov, I will fix it in the coming days.

  • C2 SAVE/LOAD not supported.

    No respons on support request


  • Hey, sorry I didn't get to it these days. I'll take a look soon, perhaps tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.

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  • would be so awesome to see this one updated.

  • The plugin has an action "set epsilon test time", but you can't actually choose the time. How does this even work - am I misunderstanding something?

  • I just bought this addon from the store. I was hoping to make little challenges or games and then make AI try to play it. But I can't seem to even get started. All I wanted to do for my first test is teach a square with 8 directional movement to run through a maze. The dropbox link to documentation is broken, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing with these input and output dictionary things.

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