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    What is it about?

    "Debugging is the process of finding and resolving of defects that prevent correct operation of computer software or a system." - Wikipedia

    There are tons of posts, articles and even books about the importance of good debugging tool. Such tool allows you to make your app faster, make it better and more secure.

    MM_Debugger is a tool for developers who think seriously about game development. It has a lot of features that allow you to implement watchers for each section of the project and assertions which immediately alert you about the unexpected behavior in your app workflow.


    • Enable/Disable debugging (logs, assertions, stack trace) by toggling one property of the plugin,
    • Implement assertions and say "farewell" to unexpected bugs,
    • Assertion report provides detailed information about the place in event sheet of the issue including event sheet name, group name and event number,
    • Implemet Stack Trace logs and save detailed bug reports in files or send them to your server via AJAX,
    • Implement distinct logs for development process and for reports on production,
    • Use multi-tag log system and decide which section of your app you want to debug at the moment by simple tag filtering,
    • Use Spotlight System to override tag filters for quick debug look-ups,
    • Create unit tests to be sure your code is bulletproof

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