Phantom Magic (Game Sounds)

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The sounds of magic. Made with magic supernatural powers in sound design to bring you peak levels of mesmerizing magic.
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    <p>Now you can harness supernatural powers in sound design and bring peak levels of mesmerizing magic to your next project. Phantoms in the night, mischievous wizards, sorcerers conjuring black magic, supernatural creatures and telekinetic objects all come to life in fantastic 96k/24bit sound with Phantom Magic. Create fantasy game sequences, scenarios and soundscapes effortlessly with this epic sounds and FX collection. Ready to go for your dream sequence, action and adventure RPG game, video, movie trailer, motion graphics or anywhere you�d like to add the charm of magic to the mix.</p><p>Game trinkets, spells and sparkles, casts and conjures, potions and power-ups, shields and revives, lightning impacts, transitions and whooshes, all for unleashing your own mysterious vision and phantom-like characters and creatures. Unfold epic gameplay and metaphysical scenes with over an hour of sound that generates otherworldly intrigue and excitement.</p><p>This magical pack of enchanting audio includes more than 525 paranormal audio assets that will empower down-to-earth audio producers, game developers, indie sound designers with spellbinding sound to prevail in the most mythical and mystical audio productions and performances.</p>

    • All in 96k/24Bit
    • 1+GB of Audio Assets
    • 500+ files
    • 1+ Hours of Sound
    • Fantasy Game Sound Library
    • Perfect for App Games
    • Spells, Sparkles, Glitter
    • Magical Transitions and Whooshes
    • Touches, Pickups, Vanish, Poof
    • Unlocks, Achievements, Notifications
    • Items, Rewards, Positive User interface
    • Fantasy Hits, Affirmations, Impacts,
    • Heals, Buffs, Orbs, Bass Infused Hits
    • Activates, Alerts, Blips, Slides
    • & More

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