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Run, jump over or on enemies and reach the path’s end as fast as you can!
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    <p>You play as a Ninja Pumpkin (yes, it is a kind of ninja!) and in each level, you have to do your best to reach the level?s end. You have to be careful not to fall or touch enemies along the way. There are 3 different kind of enemies in the game. The red ones are the most common one and can be killed jumping on their head or tackling them. The yellow ones can be killed in the same way, but be careful because they jump every few seconds! And the third enemies are the most difficult ones. These black enemies are invincible and can?t be killed and you just have to jump over them and avoid touching them in any way. There are many coins in each level and by collecting 30 coins, you will get an extra life. This game is not easy, so I strongly suggest that you try to catch these coins because you will probably need these extra lives later! There are 10 levels in total and your score is based on the amount of time that you spent on finishing each level.</p><p>If you need to use this game for commercial purposes, see this link:Ninja Pumpkin HTML5 Game</p>

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