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    <p>*This game is using Cocoon Plugin to run the game, the plugin is included inside the folder in the game</p><p>Welcome to Moci's Grazy !</p><p>It stands for Mocican Grab and Crazy Shoot ! Join with Mocican as he goes into a field of apples. But be careful ! Sometimes not only apple that comes down but also some unknown box from another dimension also falling from the sky ! Mocican must avoid the boxes while he grabbing the apple until 100 waves. Can you survive this? Find out in this addictive unique game !</p><p>FEATURES</p>

    • Made with Construct 2
    • HTML5 Ready
    • Included Construct 2 .capx file (Source Code)
    • Admob Ads (Banner & Interstitial)
    • One touch control
    • Touch & mouse supported
    • HD 1280,720 pixels
    • New Gameplay combining grabbing and shoting
    • Cross Platfrom. Ready export to HTML, Android, IOS.etc
    • Easy to Reskin
    • Sound & Music
    • Colorful graphics
    • Funny Animations
    • Highscore
    • 100 Wave

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