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    <p>This asset is a huge pack of voice-over speeches of commentator/announcer designed for brawler games - shooters, MOBA, beatem-ups, fighting.</p><p>Contains 379 WAV mono records of 182 quotes. Each quote has two styles: calm (moderate) and exuberant ("American" style), which are named accordingly A and B. Plus few have extra retakes (named X).</p><p>Examples:</p>

    • Splendid
    • Perfect
    • Failure
    • Good Shot!
    • 1 minute left
    • Extra Damage!
    • You got stronger!
    • Disarmed
    • You better move faster
    • Accelerated
    • Get ready!
    • Recharging
    • Recovering
    • Reloading
    • Get ready for the next round!
    • Battle begins in?
    • number from 1 to 3
    • Game Over!
    • Another Round
    • Heroes have been chosen
    • Headshot
    • Finish them
    • Don't be a pussy
    • Sudden death
    • You are at advantage
    • The victory is within reach
    • Triple Kill!

    <p>And many more. </p><p>For full list of quotes, review list of files. Each record is named by the quote</p><p>If you are looking for voice-over specifically for your game - please contact me via support email.</p>

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