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    <p>Do you have an idea for a Roguelike or an RPG videogame, and you want to start the development right now?</p><p>So this graphics comes in handy; here you will find things like: blades, treasures, potions, arrows, powerful hammers, precious rings, metal armors, leather armors, knight helmets, viking helmets, cosmic crystals, strong shields, magic books, enchanted staves, smelly cauldrons, honorable crowns, battle axes, beautiful necklaces, shiny gems, old maps, trickster lockpicks, fishing rods, dangerous crossbows, oil lamps, sturdy ropes, delicious food, strong drinks, venom flasks, sharp knives, hidden daggers, strong clubs, miraculous goblets, elegant tunics, dirty rags, funny hats, heavy sacks, magic mushrooms, valuable diamonds, backpacks, torchs, boots, keys, locks, sandals, falchions, tools, coins, gloves, horns, scrolls, shovels, pickaxes... and the list still growing every week.</p><h3>The pack:</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • 122 items
    • UI inventory templates (male and female)
    • All the graphics are 100% vector, and delivered in SVG and PNG (64px, 128px, 256px).
    • We are in the Maesai universe, so you can combine this pack with the scenarios and levels designed with the Maesai Basic TilesetBasic Pack tilesetMaesai Basic Tileset.

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