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Simplistic food icons in pixel art style. All icons are in 16 and 32px
  • Household Source — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>Enhance your source cues, clean up your O-tracks, augment your productions reality with this ultra affordable and jam packed volume of household and domestic sounds. Creaks and cracks, paper and pouring, these original source recordings will help enliven your productions and speed them to completion. Epic Household Source features a broad range of sounds: spray, floss, flush, freeze and latch, kitchen, bath, workshop and outdoor recordings provide a full selection of foley sounds that are ready to go.</p><p>More than 2500 audio files are cataloged in the Household Source SFX library, and there�s no DIY required with this compilation, we�ve done all the work for you. Just drop these all original, high fidelity sounds into your mix and focus all your creative energy on telling your story in sound. An unbeatable value, helping producers and engineers save time and create amazing audio experiences, add Epic Sounds and FX Household Source to your audio SFX collection today.</p><p>2,500+ files</p><p>1.2 GB</p><p>All files in .WAV, 44,100, 16 Bit</p><p>Foley Sound Effects Library</p><p>Raw Source Recordings, and Lightly Edited Files</p><p>Common Everyday Sounds</p><p>Domestic Kitchen, Bathroom, Office</p><p>Tools, Gadgets, Remote Control Cars</p><p>Food, Chew, Drink, Pour</p><p>Metal, Wood, Stone, Water, Ice</p><p>Trash, Debris, Paper</p><p>Creaks and Cracks</p><p>Gas Releases, Steam, Sprays</p><p>Cloth Rips, Tears, Movement</p><p>Velcro, Zip Ties, Zippers</p><p>Dishware, Utensils, Ceramics</p><p>& More!</p>

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