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Huge collection of explosive devices and explosion effects
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    <p>pack of explosions and explosives. The pack contains all you need to add explosive animations to your game. Precisely control how each animation plays using fuse animations, explosion animations and various explosive types.</p><p>If you're looking for a simple animated bomb, or dynamite to quickly include in your game there are also easy to include completely prepared spritesheets for direct insertion, if you don't feel like spending to much time on creating your animations. </p><p>I won't list all the included files as there really are quite a few. but here's more or less whats included. </p><p>BOMB - vector and .png</p><p>various bomb styles and colours</p><p>complete bomb animation</p><p>bomb fuse animation</p><p>bomb fuse animation which doesn't burn down</p><p>pulsating bomb animation</p><p>DYNAMITE - vector and .png</p><p>one stick, three stick and five stick images-with and without fuse</p><p>Fuse burn down animation</p><p>burning fuse animation no burndown</p><p>dynamite icons</p><p>complete explosion animation </p><p>plunger complete , and separate parts</p><p>TNT BARRELS - vector and .png</p><p>Three tnt barrel images- (use included animations for explosion)</p><p>EXPLOSION ANIMATIONS- vector and .png</p><p>Animated explosion effect one , keyframes and spritesheet</p><p>Animated explosion effect two , keyframes and spritesheet</p>

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