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    Presenting Another Game By GamecorpStudio Drawing Game Template , contains 5 characters ready to use but i suggest replacing them, since are not mine (borrowed from free google search most of them are owned by Warner B's),2 styles, 4 shapes, 5 brush sizes, 3 tools, 32 colors pallet.Full commented events, no custom plugins, 200 events. optimized for mobile, and desktop, reusable events for other drawing apps if needed.

    Online Guide For changing the images :

    The layout of the images


    Step 1: Having a new image that shows a bird how to implement it?

    First you create the BG image with transparent colors can be only the outline, keep in mind use PNG formats for transparency, also that will be your guide where to place the parts from step 2-3.

    Step 2: How do i use the bucket tool with my image?

    The bucket tool basically changes color by swapping already set RGB variables in the RGB event sheet, once you clicked the color pallet in game. the color on top is on the left click the color on bottom is the right click.

    When you create the parts that will be used for "fill in" function, you have to make sure all of them they are white coloured, if they are black or some other color the RGB event sheet will be having a different effect.

    Step 3: I changed The images parts, they aren't in place!

    When you change the pictures, and the new parts, in the drawing scene, you have 4 images, already assembled, that are placed based on their original size.

    The new images need to be moved in the drawing Scene accordantly to the new image sizes. If you have a bird lets say , the peak, eyes, wings, legs (will need to be moved in the scene to fit the correct placement, once you have them placed , then add the outline image on top, so you can keep the black line coloured guide visible. When you will start the game if the image selected to be drawn is the Bird, all parts at the start of layout will pin to the background image, and the Bg image will move to the center of the screen(if the origin point of background image is in center of it).

    Step 4: Flood Fill Its not accurate!

    For the flood fill to work properly and not to create any layering issues, on the new images importing you have to take in consideration the images collision boxes. if its box then the boxes will overlay each other and when you click on the image on top the image on bottom will change color also, in order to avoid that you have to go to each image, and create the bounding box accordantly to the image content, for the fill to work better I suggest to create the collision mask, a bit smaller then the actual image if there is enough space.

    Don't be afraid to add as many collision mask points as necessary , the more you have, the better will become the interaction with it. However having to many may decrease the fps, so you have to test how they interact, and how much CPU intensive they are, when they are in the scene. Test and retest until you get it perfect.

    Performance Optimization

    Since we use PNG's that are known to be heavy, if you don't have a good compression plugin, you can lower the image sizes by slimming them down, using various tools on internet one of them I have been using for along time and very quality effective, is TinyPng is an online free tool that compresses the PNG's and keeps the quality, giving you back same image , but with less Weight. You can filter the same image multiple times, however it wont be a much difference for the 3rd time usage on the same image, but it's going to decrease a 1 mb png file into a 320 kb file from the 1st compression.

    If you feel The project is loading to slow in Construct2, once you opened the project, you can duplicate the conditions, and repartition the actions, you can see the partition of action in the RGB event sheet, in the beginning I had, all those actions in 1 condition. but then when I was opening the event sheet for the RGB my C2 would take a lot of time to open it, so in order to avoid heavy usage, duplicate the condition (OnStart of layout or any other) then move the actions to the new condition. having them shorter its going to perform faster! Keep In Mind duplicate condition, NOT ACTION'S (Condition - when the action to happen, Action - What happens when the condition is meet)

    FAQ: Is going to be any updates?

    Since we discussed the performance issue, I will take time to rearrange all the actions and conditions to save some project usability in C2.

    However for the game template features the next update will include also:

    Facebook share,Tweet,Save to computer actions

    More Shapes(star, magic wand, hat, glasses,)If you can think on something specific I missed you could comment or suggest by replying to this topic.

    More colors,

    Resize tool,

    Move Tool,

    Zoom in/Zoom out functions.

    IF there are any questions i may have missed, or you have some features, or you have comments and reviews, please let me know, it will just help improve things around. If you purchased the template, Thank you very much for your confidence vote, if you dident you can find it here.

    Important Notice

    Right now the assets may look doll or raw, but soon all uploads will come in shape, as I'm going to polish them and change all the missing pieces, so they look more shinny <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz"> and give a better idea of what the templates can be turned into.

    Don't Forget To Share Rate Comment if you purchased this template, will help the future updates!

  • always waiting for updated

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  • always waiting for updated

    thanks arieiswadi for the interest and the feedback, i know i made a list of updates which i was hoping to make them see the day light as soon as possible, however i did not had enough time to complete all this lately, but il take some time and update atleast some of them and i think most important of all wold be the social media, i might have to change the stock images used inside and reduce the number of them(which is the tedious part of this template in my opinion).

    any other opinions or glitches u might found wold help me allot, i did see a performance issue in the demo , for some reason the paint bucket when selected will create a high cpu usage after a point, also having to many objects in screen will kinda lower the performance i have to re-compress things and recheck everything i did back then, since the template was made in a 5 hrs free time rush.

    however the template does not yet achieved the sale target for the next update, 5 more to go and the new update will be available

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