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  • Just a small bump for those following this topic, I uploaded a new version with a bunch of improvements and dedicated for the C3 runtime. Get it while it's hot !

  • Thanks, appreciate the work!

  • Integrated the great Dialogue Template into my Mobile 360 View 'engine'. Placeholder UI, font, portraits. Works well, thanks for C3 runtime port! Using touch for control. I'm a little tempted to switch over to JSON objects instead of Dict and Array, but holding myself back for now, if my preprocessor works well enough in my work flow anyway.

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  • Another example of using this nice template. I changed the template over to using JSON with keys as the source, with defaults that will change if the keys are present (the JSON is translated to the template's array on the fly for each line.) Using JSON with keys as a source makes it more readable for me, easier to directly edit the source file.

    Example of the JSON files:

  • Impressive display. I had not thought about feeding the dialogue array directly through another method than those already present in the template. It's definitely easier to edit a human readable JSON file than anything else the template used.

    Good job !

    If only the JSON object existed back then... I wouldn't have needed to use that convoluted "JSON Array into Dictionary" method.

  • I'm new to C3 and I don't understand a little bit, I need a little help, for example how to do it? For example, I talked to an NPC once (there was one unique dialog with it) then after a couple of minutes I'm talking to the same NPC again (but it's already talking to me in another dialog) whether there's a function that could determine that a particular "key" dialog was finished so that it wouldn't repeat itself.

  • Mikal

    That project looks interesting how did you create the 360 view?

    Can you provide the project file?

  • LaurenceBedford

    Thanks, I created that using my FunkyQuadZ plugin available on itch.io, there are example projects there which include a 360 view example.


    Forum thread below (if you have more questions let's continue on that thread.)


  • Magistross, absolutely loving this plugin! Wonderful work!

    I'm trying, but failing, to update a global variable during dialog. However it doesn't seem to be updating at all. The Sequence that runs is

    {setvalue:Mansion_Phase,1,+}Consider it done!

    What I'm trying to do is add 1 to the Global Variable Mansion_Phase, or alternatively I can just set it to 3 (if that's easier)

    How can I achieve this?

  • My guess would be that you are expecting a global value to change via that text command. However, the {setvalue} command uses the "GameVariables" dictionary as its destination for changes.

    You can either revise your logic to use that dictionary and the Mansion_Phase key, or, you can create your own text command that affect global variables directly, whichever is more convenient for you.

  • XYEzawr I'm not sure if I understand your issue correctly, but it looks like you are triggering more than one dialogue at once. You should make sure in your game logic that dialogue activation is limited to only one activation at a time.

  • Hi, I am having some issues with how the sprite font is displayed, it looks "dirty" or misaligned, I have checked the character width and height and it's 16,16. I have not tried with other sprite fonts but I don't know if this is an issue with the dialogue system or just my game settings.

    By the way I just imported to the default C2's platformer example the dialogue layout,events,files and loading settings and followed all the instructions on this thread. It all works except for this display issue.

  • I think this is an outstanding issue with the SpriteFont plugin. Turning on high quality scaling (scaling before rendering) and using linear sampling seems to misalign the spritefont's sprite and screw the proper "tiling" of letters.

    I recommand either using point sampling or low quality scaling to circumvent the problem.

  • It seems the problem was that my window view was too low res, I just used another sprite font with the correct scale (0.35) and it worked flawlessly, thank you for such awesome dialog system.

  • Hi there Magistross

    Could you advise how I can add a 0.5 second delay at the end of every dialogue line? I want to give the player time to read the text if they are hammering the continue button.

    Many thanks!

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