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    <p>A Contruct2+PHP+CSS system to:</p><p>Financial and appointment control.</p><p>Very interesting to study or to develop your own control system for all kind of companies.</p><p>Includes:</p><p>COMPLETE INSTALL MANUAL</p><p>CAPX.</p><p>All PHP/CSS Webservices and Database scripts.</p><p>Everything else you will need to edit and develop.</p><p>Plugins needed to work:</p><p></p><p></p><p>Knowledge required:</p><p>Basic PHP to edit the webservices if necessary</p><p>And Basic Construct 2</p><p>Inserts:</p>

    • Register your customers
    • Register jobs or orders
    • Insert Payment information
    • Edit your customers informations


    • Financial Receipt of Jobs (You can print those receipts)
    • Payment historic
    • Jobs list by Client ID and Time range (You can print those lists)
    • All Customers registered
    • All jobs registered

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