Basic 3D Car Drift (Graphics)

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Awesome drifts on auto generate way,tap to steer right.
  • Basic 3D Car Drift — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>3d rendered top down drift car package.</p><p>It can be used as is ,or as a start for your own game.</p><p>Includes :</p><p>4 cars with 4 animations each </p><p>2 explodes</p><p>Normal run</p><p>Nitro Run</p><p>Basic Gui</p><p>Includes :</p><p>Car damage</p><p>Dollar</p><p>Helmet Damage</p><p>Menus</p><p>Speedo 3d </p><p>Trophy </p><p>Icons </p><p>Includes :</p><p>Basic icons</p><p>Marks</p><p>Includes :</p><p>Basic Marks</p><p>Smokes</p><p>Includes :</p><p>Basic smokes </p><p>TRACKS</p><p>Includes :</p><p>2048 x 2048 px</p><p>7 3d rendered top down tracks</p><p>Also includes the circuit original psd for fast editing.</p><p>Cemetery</p><p>Desert</p><p>Destroyed City</p><p>Drift circuit</p><p>Ice</p><p>Jungle</p><p>Volcano</p>

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  • Much appreciate for the support and the buy guys.

    It means more than you ever think.

    Anything you need , feel free to message me , or email and i will support you , and send you the psd also.

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