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  • Is it still working? With new XDK and Cordova plugin versions?

  • Hi!

    Is it working for

  • Hi!

    Is it working for

    I'm not sure because I don't use And since XDK terminated their services, we changed to use local Cordova(and Crosswalk) build for all our tutorials. There is a tutorial in this product which describes how to install local Cordova build system on your PC.

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  • Hello,

    I need a little help regarding this plugin.

    I've checked on my phone (OnePlus 3, Android Oreo) if the published application, in google store ("Construct 2 BGmode") works. It did work without any problems - including enabling/disabling functionality, so I've purchased it.

    I've installed the plugin in C2 (r250) and I thought to first give it a try using the "bgmode_evaluate.capx" in order to better understand it. Sadly, I cannot make it work. The "Enable" button does not work at all - the text will stay always on "BGmode disabled".

    I even followed your pdf guide "Running_Cordova_on_Windows_PC_0.8.0.pdf" in order to build it, using Cordova and Crosswalk (I've managed to build it).

    However, I cannot make it to work on my Smartphone or on my PC (I guess it should work in preview mode aswell, on the PC).

    Am I missing something ? (Any suggestions are welcomed)

    [SOLVED] In the meanwhile, I've managed to make it work. It was necessary to use crosswalk 19, XDK and PhoneGap. #bgmode #backgroundmode #musicplayer

    Thanks in advance,


  • Do you have plans to release this for C3? Anytime soon?

  • Any plans to make it for C3?

  • Bump can this be on c3?

  • Can anyone convert this to c3?

  • I bought the "Background mode plugin" plugin and built the application. The problem is that when the application is minimized, a notification appears in the status bar, but when pressed, the application does not unfold, but the settings open. I wrote to the developer -, but they ignore me. Compiling to Cordova + Android Studio. If someone has something to help - help! Thanks!

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